Is Cold Weather More Challenging to Healthy Eating?

Are you a social summer eater, or a winter soother?  This time of year gets challenging for many people, yet others tell me that summer eating is much more difficult – BBQ’s, beer, the fair, . . . .

For me, winter is when I want heavier food.  Although my taste for ice cream does not go away, I tend to gravitate toward warm food, comfort food.

The shorter days can affect mood too, for some people more than others.  I think the holidays hit at a good time – at the point when we all need an emotional boost.  HOWEVER, there can be a letdown associated with those expectations as well.

How are you feeling this time of year?  I am mainly speaking to those of you with big seasonal weather fluctuations, not those who wake up to sun and warmth many days all year round.  That may have different challenges.  (I remember feeling like time did not pass by when I lived in California.  There were so few weather indicators of the passage of time.)


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