“This is the most important thing I do today.”

Even on vacation, I try not to completely take a "vacation" from physical activity.

Even on vacation, I try not to completely take a “vacation” from physical activity.

Seemingly little things we do can make a HUGE difference in how the day goes.  If you are skeptical, keep reading.  

Self confidence is a creation of our minds.  It grows when we have a positive attitude and a “can do” approach to life.

Certain accomplishments cause positive feelings far beyond what the associated level of effort would predict.  That’s a great return on investment!  These “little things” are different for each of us.  The common theme is how they can set the tone for the day and move everything in a more positive direction.

Have you ever noticed that once you start working around the house, you get a feeling of accomplishment that fuels more productivity?  The simple act of making the bed is a common example.  If making the bed can cause a chain reaction of healthy, productive activities throughout the day, why wouldn’t that be something well worth the couple of minutes it takes?  In fact, making the bed seems to create good vibes for many people.

Making the bed has this effect on me.  I don’t always do it – hmmm – but when I do, I seem to be more “on a roll”.  Exercise is another example for me.  I define it loosely, mind you.  It may be a 3-mile run one day, but it might just be a stroll around the block with the dog on another.  The key is that I DO IT!  By defining “exercise” in a broad sense, I set myself up with an almost “can’t lose” situation.

I have an effective mantra that gets me through some days when I just don’t feel like doing it.  (Yes, I too get those days!)  Usually this happens on busy days when I default to the dreaded stair-stepper machine in the spare bedroom.  I drag my tired body in there with these words in my head:  “This is the most important thing I do today.”

By the end of the day, I can list many more accomplishments than just this seemingly self-indulgent activity – many of which would not have happened at all had I neglected my own needs.  Even the simple act of making the bed gives me a sense of order in my environment that translates to less clutter in my head.  That is certainly a form of self care as well.

You surely notice the great investments of time and effort in your own life, don’t you?  Is it a neat desk, or a trip to the grocery store?  Maybe it is vacuuming the dog hair off the couch (I say this as I look at my own hair-covered couch!).  Whatever those relatively small efforts are that reap disproportionately large returns – those are the habits to practice until they are routine.  The benefits will spill over into all areas of life – and that includes the your health, my friends.

Now I am going to clean out the cupboard that holds my baking pans – the one that pours out an avalanche of clattering metal every time I open it.  The 10 minutes it will take to organize it will create a huge sense of accomplishment, not to mention the time it will save me every time I reach for a cookie sheet or baking pan.

3 responses to ““This is the most important thing I do today.”

  1. It’s so true. It’s a chain reaction. I guess you have to find the right spark though… I can’t remember the last time I made my bed consistently, but I always love it when it’s done. Great blog.

  2. I loved this post 🙂 The little things are the one we most often neglect, but we feel so in control when we do them. I started doing yoga with my brothers wiifit game, and just 20 mins a day really makes a differerence.

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