Transitions and Chinese Carryout: A Healthy Tip

photoI just got back from the airport – dropping kids off so they can fly away from me. 😦

It has been a week of cooking, feasting, staying up late, and not acting my age.  I would like to think that I would now feel rejuvenated, spunky, and energetic . . . but I actually feel tired and (a little) sad.

“Transition” – it’s a word that fits these moments when the influx of activity is over and there is an abrupt return to “normal”.

Today’s transition is not huge – it’s just a fluctuation really – but it brings back memories of the seismic ones that happened when my “babies” left the house and moved far, far away.  So, now I am transitioning back to my more relaxed and very fulfilling life as an empty nester (all good, for me and for my kids).

In the spirit of easy and relaxed, I think I will order carryout Chinese food tonight.  I have spent many hours in the kitchen every day this past week, and I do not want to look at another huge turkey, army-sized potato casserole, or bucket of cookies.  Bring on the “easy”!  Bring on the “light”!!

Chinese food is always easy, when you don’t have to make it.  It is not, however, always light.  The sauces can be oily, and there are plenty of deep-fried options.  Here’s my tip to lighten it up:

Order what you like – preferably something not deep-fried or super greasy – and also order some steamed plain vegetables.  Then MIX, MIX, MIX.  Half veggies and half entree works well for me.  It cuts the salt, fat, and calories about in half, AND it boosts the nutritional value significantly.  Make your own brown rice at home and ditch the white stuff, and you get a much healthier meal.

I hope you all had a nice holiday.  The New Year is just around the corner.  Are you making any resolutions?

Airport Arrival - More Fun Than the Departure

Airport Arrival – More Fun Than the Departure


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