Love and Other Food Messages

I couldn’t keep this to myself.  My favorite plain Greek yogurt (Fage) has been on sale at one of our local stores for several weeks now, so when Peter said he was headed over there, I asked him to pick up MANY of them.

I came home to find a note on the counter (and about 20 yogurt containers in the refrigerator):

The yogurt was no longer on sale but I bought it anyway – What does that say about my love for you?  Peter

I think it says I am loved.

This reminds me of another note I found years ago, when my daughter was about 7 or 8 years old.  It had a slightly different tone and was taped to a half-eaten ice cream sundae in the freezer:

Do not eat this!  If you eat this, I will kill you, and then you will pay me $5.

By the way, no one touched that sundae.  We have all learned not to mess with Becky.


One response to “Love and Other Food Messages

  1. Peter is a keeper!

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