Dieting Sells Magazines

I just got back from a quick trip to NYC, and as I usually do, I picked up a couple of magazines for the plane trip home.  It is a great way to get new ideas – if I choose well.

Looking over the stacks of women’s magazines, I am still amazed at the bright bold lettering leaping off the covers of almost all of them:  10 DAY DIET, INCREASE METABOLISM, DR. OZ . . . LOSE 10 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH . . . .  The list goes on and on.  It makes me weary looking at them, because I know there is nothing really revolutionary about weight loss being sold here.  But magazines ARE being sold because of the claims on the covers.  If the attention-grabbing claims did not increase sales, they would not be there – simple as that.

I bought a Natural Health magazine and a Scientific American: Mind edition.  Much better choices I think.  I found several good articles.  I will tell you about one of them today, and save another for my next post.

Psychological Reports published a study that looked at how eating environment affects calorie consumption at a Hardee’s restaurant.  They redid the decor, dimmed the lights, played soft jazz, and found that diners consumed 18 percent fewer calories than similar diners in a typical Hardee’s.

Don’t expect fast food restaurants to jump on the bandwagon though.  They prefer bright lighting.  It encourages people to eat quickly and leave.  This doesn’t mean the information can’t help you.  Try setting a pretty table, dimming the lights, lighting a candle or two, and listening to soothing music.  See what happens to your calorie intake.  Even if you eat no less than you usually do, your stress hormones are likely to turn themselves down a notch.  That is also good for weight loss . . . and health.


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