How to Avoid Mental (and Emotional) Whiplash (AKA keeping your eye on the trend)

The high temperature here in Wisconsin today is 54 degrees.  I will admit that I am getting a little frustrated waiting for spring to come.  Granted, it is a beautiful day – sunny and warmer than it’s been for a while – but every degree of increase has seemed excruciatingly hard to squeeze out of the forecast lately.

The extended forecast does not follow a straight line to warmer weather either.  The next 4 days are expected to have highs of 46, 57, 48, and 53.  Are we making any real progress at all?!  One could definitely wonder, if they were to look only at the daily high temperatures over the last last month or so.

It occurred to me that this is a little like people I see watching every little wiggle on the scale.  They are not able to see any trend toward something better.  Up one, down two, up two, down 2.5, . . . . just like the weather from day to day.  It can seem equally unpredictable, unless you look at the overall trend.  There will be momentum toward a logical result if real changes are being made.

Keeping with an improved lifestyle will bring about the health equivalent of spring – full of energy and vitality.  It just might take a while to arrive.  Be patient, and try not to second guess your efforts.  Just like living in Wisconsin and expecting to get weather like Key West TODAY – it’s 90 degrees there – you must work from where you are and ignore the little wiggles in the numbers as they work their way downward.  It also doesn’t hurt to do a little dance when you see progress.  I’m going to do just that right now – celebrate 50 degrees while I’m waiting for 80’s.


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