Meeting the In-Laws: The Pleasure of Sharing Good Food

photoI have two points I want to make in this post:

1.  Cooking healthy, delicious food is such a lovely way to say “I love you,” or “I value you,” or in this case, “Welcome to the family!”

2.  I am so lucky to have a future daughter-in-law and future in-laws (my son’s) that clearly want to have a relationship with me.

This photo is from the past winter, when I traveled to Seattle to meet my son’s future in-laws.  They are from Russia.  I was invited as the guest of honor – really I felt like Royalty – for a home-cooked dinner that included all of their ethnic family favorites.

On the menu:  A wonderful chicken and vegetable medley that was baked in the oven, a very unusual potato salad with eggs, ham, and interesting seasonings, and my future daughter-in-law’s favorite . . . pierogis, delicious little pastries with different fillings.  We all had several of those.

And do you see the little San Pellegrino bottles?!  That was a nice little touch, along with the orange juice.  Those who know me well know that my signature drink – now called “the Kim Flannery” by members of my family – is a mixture of sparkling water and orange juice.

There was plenty to eat – what a feast!  I was not allowed to have an empty plate.  Every time I turned my head, there was more on it!  At one point, I had what looked like an entire plateful of grapes.  I cannot express how warm and welcoming this dinner was.  Lucky me!

People devote a lot of energy trying to keep from overeating, but there is a positive side to the pleasure of eating.  It is a wonderful way to welcome and connect with others.

Living to eat is clearly not a healthy lifestyle, but eating to live is not ideal either.  Eating is one of the great pleasures of life, and the sharing of good food accompanies many of life’s most joyful moments.


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