Greater Balance Is Often the Important First Step Toward Weight Loss

Big-small, high-low, hard-easy, hyperactive-sluggish, . . . these are all examples of life’s extremes.  What we all really seek is balance.  For that reason, the lows will tend to be counterbalanced by the highs.

The human body is programmed for balance.  Equilibrium in terms of pH levels and glucose levels is a matter of life and death, so in healthy people there are multiple safety mechanisms to make absolutely sure that these key blood levels are within normal ranges.

Human behavior is like this too, although not as easily balanced for many of us.  Eating in excess and then counterbalancing with undereating is an all too common dieting habit.  The pattern repeats without conscious thought after a while.

I have found that when there is chronic imbalance, coming more to the balancing point – in other words, to that point where the behavioral extremes are less extreme – is the necessary first step for improving any kind of health measure, including weight.  The range from high to low is then narrower, the mind is calmer (after the initial doubt and fear are overcome), and weight goes down.  Yes, weight goes down – even if there is not a morsel counted or journaled!

I often tell people to trust me if they are not ready to trust themselves.  Lean on my confidence.  I have experienced this in my own life with all kinds of things.  Seeking more balanced behavior reaps benefits without even knowing exactly what that balancing point looks like at first.

I am not saying that you will never find that you are uncomfortably full, or that you will never again feel over-exercised, overworked, or overwhelmed.  I am just saying that you can get to a point where these times are rare and more of a curiosity than anything else:  “Wow, how did I get this full?  I must have eaten too quickly to know.  I know I waited too long to eat and was overhungry.”

I am in the process of completing 200 hour yoga teacher training, and my current reading assignment has a great section about this topic:

We all know the feeling after eating a big holiday dinner.  Our belly is so stuffed full of food we are only able to lie on the couch, groaning.  Even for the next few days, we will feel exhausted and lethargic, having overdrawn our energy account trying to digest and assimilate the enormous quantity of food.  Experiencing this discomfort, we then tend to swing to the other extreme and eat too little.  This depletes the vitality and strength needed to nourish the mind, emotions, and body.  Only when the physical realm is in a state of balance is there ample energy to drive us to the more subtle spiritual vistas.  (My comment:  “More spiritual vistas” can be as simple as having great creative ideas or adding value to an important relationship.)        From The Secret Power of Yoga by Nischala Joy Devi

3 responses to “Greater Balance Is Often the Important First Step Toward Weight Loss

  1. Agreed!
    My experience…..If a balance can be struck between
    1. “food selection / intake management”,
    2. cardio exercise,
    3. weight training,
    4. stretching / meditation / bodyworks, and
    5. leisure / relationships
    -all is possible. Extremes in any one category is not necessary. And, it just doesn’t seem to work well when any one of the above items is neglected.

  2. But it hasn’t been linear!!! 😉

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