The Magic Bullet is HERE!! (on second thought . . . )

I had a weak moment this morning.  I confess that for an instant I considered spending a good chunk of change (more like wad of dollars!) on a beauty “miracle”.  I got an e-mail ad from a skin care company, and they made some very enticing claims.  They promised to minimize my pores, tighten and de-wrinkle my skin, add a youthful glow . . . and on and on.

Thankfully I caught myself before getting pulled in completely and gave myself a mental smack . . . WHACK!!  (Reminds me a little of the V-8 commercial :  WHACK!  “I coulda had a V-8.”  I love that.)  My logical thoughts broke  through the marketing gobbledygook to remind me that I was close to falling for fancy advertising and false hope.

Are there different grades of skin care products?  Of course, and I am already using very good ones.  I am practicing sensible skin care for a woman of a certain age.  I know that this particular product will not create miracles, and I really do not need to look 20 again.

Do you notice how the models in the skin care ads are usually very young women with flawless skin?  The implication is that “You too can look like me.  Just use what I use.”  (By the way, she probably doesn’t even use the product at all, AND her job includes regular facials and professional makeup application – not to mention a little help from a skilled photographer!)

But . . . if this could really be the miracle cream – THE ONE – well . . .   (WHACK!!)  I did not buy it.

Several months ago I was e-mailing back-and-forth with two friends from college.  An e-mail from one of them clearly sums up the universal desire (need?) for hope, whether warranted or not.  In this case, it was a hope chest of beauty products.  It could just as easily be weight loss pills, diets, or magic foods.

(Friend):  . . . using this beautiful but standstill snowday to clean/sort/organize and mostly toss all the un-finished hair, make-up & anti-aging products clogging up my bathroom shelves & cabinets – ugh. Rather depressing how I believed each was THE one that would make the difference…

(Kim):  I have NOT cleaned out my beauty hope chest, but I should.  I agree.  Very few of those products do much of anything but offer hope of impossible results.


A healthy lifestyle that keeps the body functioning efficiently, along with a positive attitude, leads to an age-appropriate expression of beauty.  This is just as true for weight loss as it is for skin care.  Healthy habits are not as glitzy-sounding as the claims on many magic pill bottles and jars, but they do get the job done.  They are not empty claims that delay real improvements by offering false hope.

My advice:  Spend more on real food and forget the next new weight loss magic.  Remember the V-8 commercial – give  yourself the necessary WHACK and step away.

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