You like jamoca ice cream? You must be a moral perfectionist.

Does your favorite flavor of ice cream accurately predict your personality?  Check it out here and see.  Baskin Robbins claims that your flavor of choice says something about who you are.

Trying to check my favorite brings up a character trait – I hate to choose.  I like them all.  If I had to choose, I guess I would pick chocolate chip.   Apparently that makes me generous, competent, and a go-getter.  (Or maybe I’m just indecisive, open to new things, and tend to view the glass half full.)

Speaking of ice cream, the McDonald’s billboard ad I see every time I go into the city always gets my attention . . . “Yin – Yang” (with a $.49 vanilla ice cream cone on one side and a $1 chocolate-dipped cone on the other).  Besides being a great bargain, these are not terrible choices for a quick portion-controlled treat in the summer.  Nothing tastes quite like cold ice cream on a 95 degree day!

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