Don’t Diet – Change Your Lifestyle . . . Do you get it yet?

I couldn’t agree more.  Why do all of the trendy diets work for a while, and then people often gain back what they lost?  The simple reason is:  How you eat is much more important than what you eat.  The “what” usually takes care of itself when people are developing a “peaceful” eating pattern that is realistic and self-compassionate.

Intellectually we probably all agree about this.  Still, can we internalize this concept and really LIVE it?  This is where I see people struggle.  “Oh yes, I want to change my lifestyle.  I know diets don’t work. . . .  but . . . . I need to lose 20 pounds right away, so what can I do?”

If you find yourself thinking like this, you will want to read this  study that looks at how people fare in both scenarios.  It does help to hear the same message many ways, so add it to your mental library of evidence in favor of realistic lifestyle changes.  One of these days, it’s bound to really click!

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