Top Ten Weight Loss Mistakes

I presented a seminar with this title several years ago.  While looking for something else in my (not so) organized file, I came across the handout.  The tips are just as appropriate now as they were then.  While I usually like to take a positive approach, this flip-side look at weight loss habits may help by forcing a different perspective.

1.  Ignore hunger.

2.  Eat fake, tasteless, or “diet” foods you do not like.

3.  Skip meals.

4.  Ignore your total well-being and life passions.

5.  Let stress rule.

6.  Set unrealistic goals for weight loss or eating habits.

7.  Have a short-term outlook.

8.  Lose track of the simple mathematics behind weight loss.  It is not the whole story, but it is a good approximation.

9.  Neglect to include enough protein in your daily intake.

10.  Neglect to include plenty of high fiber and high fluid-content foods.

Bonus Mistake #11 – Underestimate the power you have to sabotage yourself.


2 responses to “Top Ten Weight Loss Mistakes

  1. Anonymous Blogger

    These are all good points; the only one that might stand up for a discussion is #5 which reads “Have a short-term outlook”. Having a short-term outlook is not necessarily discouraging especially when it comes to knowing what the long-term goal might look like; having a list of short-term goals and checking them off every few weeks to every few months can give a person a major boost and they don’t have to stare at that long-term picture too much as sometimes that can be a deterrent. Having those small goals that you know you can achieve repeatedly and consistently stands a much better chance of a person achieving their positive outlook in life instead of focusing on that one long-term goal that they may or may not achieve.

    • Very true. I think we all need to make changes knowing the overall goal will not be immediately met, and those small little hurdles are essential to keeping motivated. I encourage people to set weekly (or even daily) mini-goals that help reach the bigger one. Those little successes are critical.

      Too many people set short-term goals that are far too ambitious. Well planned short term “stepping stones” are intelligent planning tools. I can tell that you really understand this. Thanks for your thoughtful – and insightful – comments!

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