Find A Way That Resonates With YOU

How can you watch your eating in a way that really makes sense to you . . . that you just GET?  This is an important question.  The standard way is usually some form of food journaling that looks at calories or points or some other measure of energy intake.

I have seen this method work well for many people, especially if they use tracking when they really need it and learn other methods to make life easier in between.

Recently one of my clients tried a different approach.  Instead of tracking what she ate, she tracked her general feeling after eating.  She looked more at the experience of eating.  The question she asked herself after she ate was . . .

Did that feel kind?

What a great way to really notice the spirit of eating.  It can certainly be kind and nourishing, but it can also feel self-abusive, or at least somewhat less than supportive.  In the case of this individual, this is probably the biggest determinant of how healthy her eating will be, making it a brilliant method . . . for her.

We are such individuals, so it is important to work with your temperament and tendencies.  Forcing an artificial-feeling method on yourself is not useful.  In this case, this method worked brilliantly.  There is a more warm and fuzzy feeling attached to the whole process – for her – and the weight is coming off better than it had been before.  Hooray!!

Experiment if you don’t like how your current method is working, and remember that things change and we change.  What feels right today may not work as well in 6 months.  Remaining curious and kind – what a gift!


One response to “Find A Way That Resonates With YOU

  1. Anonymous Blogger

    This article makes a lot of sense and should be looked at as an alternative by most people; did the food leave them feeling fuller and more energized or did they feel lethargic after eating. Asking questions and making a more conscious approach to eating can make a difference in the short-term and in the long-term.

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