I’m Back. Oh the Adventures I Had!

It has been over 2 weeks since my last post, quite unusual for me!  My son got married in Seattle on Sunday, October 6, and I decided to give myself a break from technology during my 2 weeks on the West Coast.

Congratulations to Brent and Marina!  May they be this happy for the rest of their lives together.  Once I sort through pictures, I will post a few on my blog, but for now my readers will be saved from this over-enthusiastic mother’s public displays of affection.

Keep reading and I promise a reference to food and eating, but first let me tell you a little about Mt. Rainier!  I spent 3 days there as the third wheel with my brother and his girlfriend.  Despite rain every day and the government shutdown on our second day, we reminded each other how perfect everything was.  (This started as somewhat of a joke, but in reality it turned out to be true.)

From a personal standpoint, it was a nice quiet retreat before the wedding’s high energy excitement.  I have wanted to see the park for a long time, so this was a check mark on my bucket list.

The trails were actually perfect (really!) in the rain.  We had rain gear and there were almost no other hikers out.  With a little guidance from our cabin’s owners, we were able to identify and gather many chanterelle mushrooms along the way, placing them carefully in our jacket hoods for safe transport back.  The variety and beauty of mushrooms was astounding!

Of course, chanterelles are edible and tasty.  We spent a good amount of time between Yahtzee games planning just the right way to use them for a gourmet feast.

Chanterelles We Collected

Chanterelles We Collected

The result?  Butter and garlic sauteed chanterelles over fried eggs.  Delicious!  We lightly fried patties of leftover mashed sweet potatoes to create a nice slightly sweet bottom layer for our masterpiece.  A simple salad and a glass of white wine on the side.  Beautiful!


As if this getaway was not peaceful enough without cell phone reception, we had the perfect “yoga studio” – the upstairs bedroom of our cabin.  I gave daily yoga classes to my two companions, complete with lavender oil neck massages, which made my status as third wheel all the more tolerable!




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