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Cure for Obesity Found!!

New studies indicate that eating a raisin a day will make it virtually impossible to gain weight, regardless of what or how much you eat.  This is huge news in the fight against obesity.  Experts are dumbfounded by how this obvious cure took so long to discover.

Apparently adding a small eye of newt to the protocol will allow rapid weight loss, but only when taken while standing on one foot.

Gotcha!  Happy April Fool’s Day.  Sorry, but there is no magic bullet.  Good health is worth a little common sense and effort though.  Enjoy the day, and be kind with your pranks!  (Scroll down to read my legitimate post for today.)

Are Functional Foods Any Better?

Have you heard the term “functional foods”?  Manufacturers cannot legally claim their products prevent or cure disease, but they can market health-promoting or wellness-maintaining properties – if they have credible science behind the claims. Continue reading

You Can Dukan – But Does That Mean the Dukan Diet is Right for You?

Have you heard about the new diet book due out soon?  Actually it has been a diet trend in France for years now and is making its way to our bookstores within weeks.  The Dukan diet is another twist on a low carb high protein plan. Continue reading

“Happiness is Simple”

The print is small, but look at the lower left-hand corner of this add.  I like to encourage awareness of advertising techniques.  If you are an alert consumer, you will notice this approach to food advertising A LOT!  Marketers create a mood and invite you to join in.

I would rephrase “Happiness is Simple.”  I would say instead, “Happiness is Simplistic – Overly Simplistic.”  In other words, equating potato chips with happiness is an overly simplistic and short-sighted view of happiness.  Yes, they will certainly taste good, I’m sure, but that little burst of happiness will not last long – even if you finish the whole bag.  More dependable happiness does not have to be complicated, but it requires a little more than a bag of chips and isn’t likely to end in regret!

Not Again!

What goes around comes around – again and again, when the internet and food myths are concerned.  I wrote a while back about an e-mail that was forwarded to me, and probably to millions of others.  Well, I got the very same e-mail message recently, this time claiming that Dr. Oz says to eat fruit on an empty stomach to avoid having all of your food rot inside of you.  I wondered, “Did Dr. Oz REALLY say that?!”  The answer is emphatically “NO”.  Here is a link to some of Dr. Oz’s comments, taken completely out of context.

This is the e-mail I received: Continue reading

Should Fruit Be Eaten on an Empty Stomach?

I was chatting with a group of women during one of my Q & A sessions recently, and a couple of their questions reminded me of how easily nutrition rumors spread in our high-tech internet society.  Often rumors get revived every so often, and this is one of those.  The claim goes something like this:  Eat fruit with other food and it will rot and ferment in your stomach, causing poor digestion, gas, poor nutrient absorption, and (oh my God!) even baldness!

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Can you top these?

When I discuss weight loss beliefs with people, it is a real eye-opener to me, because it helps me to understand why confusion develops and why frustration follows.  These are a few of the things I have heard recently:

1.  “My metabolism changes so quickly.  One week I can lose a couple of pounds easily, and the next week I do the same thing and I lose nothing.  I think I have really goofed up my metabolism.”

2.  “I never eat popcorn the day before weighing in at Weight Watchers.  Everyone knows that you should never do that or you will weigh more.”

3.  “Aren’t carrots bad?  I heard that they were really high in sugar.”

4.  “My husband told me that there is nothing good about eating ice cream.  Hah!  He has obviously never eaten ice cream like I have eaten ice cream!”

Kim’s Comments:

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