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Just wanted to post another invitation to follow me at my new website,  I notice that there are still a number of people who are visiting this site (, yet I have not posted in many months.  I fear they must think I am lazy!  Not so.  I have just been posting in a different place.  Join me there!

There is nothing wrong with being a “slow-ass turtle”

Here is another example of the the wisdom that comes from participants in my groups – absolutely brilliant!

My motto is you live once, do everything in moderation………not everyday will you go eat a fish fry, but if you are out on a Fri and feel like one because you do not like baked trout, then by all means order the fried one and make up for it the next day.  All these diets are great, but for life you cannot tell me that these people will not go back eating carbs, or cake, cookies, alcohol, etc.

I know I’d rather be a slowass turtle and keep losing a 1/4-lb here and there versus lose 30 and then regain 50!

I just want to be someone that eats well, exercises smart, and doesn’t break my back or starve myself to do so……… I don’t want to constantly worry about my size or what others may think as I want to be satisfied with me and that’s the biggest journey of all.  Trust me, others that do not “diet” do not want to hear about calories, fat grams, and pounds lost or gained………I do not want that to be the focus of my life 🙂

Everyday Insights from the Weight Loss Journey

There is so much wisdom in my midst!  I pulled out these tidbits from past e-mails from clients and group members:

Just listing the positive things made me realize that although my eating was off for a week, I was still moving in the right direction.  As someone in our group once said:  “Progress, not perfection”.  I’m not the same person I was two months ago . . .  or five months ago.  I’m progressing.   Moving forward…

(Regarding new weight loss fads)  It’s frighteningly tempting to want to jump on these bandwagons even though you KNOW in your heart, it’s never a simple fix.  If it were…

(Regarding a weight plateau)  I am going to capitalize on this phase because I know that these things sort of “wave in” and “wave out” and there will come a time in my future when I may have to put it in neutral for a little bit until it passes.  It’s nice to have a year’s worth of history so that I will recognize it for what that is and be able to respect it without going “off plan.”

Insight that is learned through continued practice is life-changing.  We all have it in us – genius!