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A Sneak Peek at a New App Addition!

A new version of “In the Moment – Mindful Eating” will be added soon.  Included will be a new “bubble” giving users an opportunity to choose to “just stop” – in the spirit of self-compassion of course!  This video, which is totally adorable, will be included.  Can’t we all laugh at this and see a little of ourselves in it?  Can anyone honestly say they have never been in Frog and Toad’s shoes before?




Media Coverage for “In the Moment – Mindful Eating” App

The Milwaukee Business Journal published a story about my phone app yesterday in their online edition.

More exciting app news:  the Android version is almost finished and will be available at Google Play soon!


Think you are destined to live out a set genetic destiny? Think again.

I am a big believer in the power of our thoughts – and the actions they create – to either make us healthier or sicker.  The environment is constantly acting on our genes to create our health status, and part of that environment is the quality of your thoughts.  Are your thoughts defeatist or hopeful in nature?  Are they leading you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle, or are they convincing you it’s not possible?

If you would like to be healthier  – who wouldn’t? – I think you will find that Deepak Chopra knows a thing or two about this.  His recent blog post is very encouraging, and much to my liking, also based on solid research about the human body.

Are You Creating Your Own Food Craving?

Attention Dieters:  Do you realize that you may be creating your own cravings and lack of control with food, at least to a certain extent?  I read with interest a recent article in the New York Times that discusses the results of a study on kids and food restriction.   It came as no surprise to me.

In fact, I see this same kind of pattern in adults who place overly restrictive rules on their own eating.  I often tell clients struggling with intense cravings that at least a part of it may be the feeling of deprivation they have placed around eating.  What researchers found in children’s snacking behavior was:

. . . children who grow up in homes with restrictive food rules, where a parent is constantly dieting or desirable foods are forbidden or placed out of reach, often develop stronger reactions to food and want more of it when the opportunity presents itself.

While the researchers acknowledge that genetics may contribute to the quantity of food consumed as well as taste preferences, there is clearly an environmental influence as well.  This is what I observe in adult dieters.  You may know what I mean.  Most of us have experienced the feeling:  Whatever you try NOT to eat is exactly what you cannot stop thinking about eating!

The solution?  The advice offered for children is no different than what I tell my clients struggling with overly restrictive (and SELF-IMPOSED) rules:

. . . be aware that tight control over food can set off overeating in some children. The solution is to control the quality of the food in the home.

Don’t buy soda, candy and chips and place them off limits on the top shelf of the pantry. Stock the house with healthful foods, and then allow children access and a reasonable amount of control over what they eat.

Occasional treats outside the home are fine. “Take the kid out for ice cream once or twice a week, but don’t keep it in the house,” Dr. Birch said.

“I don’t like the concept of telling a hungry child you can’t eat,” said Dr. Ludwig. “Ultimately, we want children to gain better connection to their inner satiety cues. So if their body is telling them they are hungry, don’t ignore that — just pay close attention to the quality of the foods that are offered.”

I tell my clients that they cannot expect to solve the problem by just telling themselves to “knock it off” (the binging or uncontrolled eating).  I believe the solution has to include stopping the deprivation that ultimately contributes to overeating and cravings.

Can you be the adult in your life and set yourself up for success?  Can you give yourself some reasonable boundaries, yet still allow yourself a feeling of free choice based on real curiosity about your needs?  Can you clean up your food environment and still hear the occasional messages that tell you it’s time for a trip to your favorite ice cream store for a special treat you can truly savor, not devour desperately with guilty feelings?

The first step is realizing who is creating the rules – YOU!



I am often asked this question:  “is organic better for your health?”  An article in the Washington Post addressed this very topic.  To learn how organic milk, meat, eggs, produce, and fish differ from conventional versions, read more here.  It presents … Continue reading

A Preview of My New iPhone App

It’s called In the Moment – Mindful Eating, and it’s available at the App Store.  Here’s a preview:

I apologize for my poor filming skills!  If you would like a clearer view of the examples above, just go to the App Store.  I am grateful for your feedback.

My iPhone App is In the App Store – Please Try It!

inTheMomentLogosFullColorI am happy to report that my 1-1/2 year journey to make my dream a reality has finally resulted in a phone app for iPhone that can be downloaded from the app store.  If you like my general approach – very human and forgiving, and very REAL – I think you will enjoy giving the app a whirl.  The name of the app is “In The Moment – Mindful Eating.

The final product accomplishes what I had hoped it would, and now I am ready to ask the really important question . . .  the question that matters most to me . . .


I would be so grateful for your feedback.  You can rate the app, but I also encourage you to comment here with suggestions to make it better.  It will cost you $1.99 – worth every penny!