“In the Moment – Mindful Eating” Phone App








This phone app is my attempt to fill a void for people trying to lose weight and be healthier.  So many dieters feel discouraged and let down by the negative black-and-white nature of traditional dieting.  There are lots of people like my clients, who told me they needed help with the human side of eating, the emotional side of choosing what to eat.  Knowing what to do and doing it, they kept saying, were not the same.

I have always understood this, as I too am human and have struggled at times with managing the tempting food environment, especially when life is challenging.  I believe that feeling good about choices – getting what you really want at any given time – comes from being more mindful of all needs (physical and emotional).  Self-compassion creates better health through kind and mindful boundaries on eating, not severe arbitrary rules set by others. This takes practice.

I hope you will find the app helpful along your own personal journey toward better health and happiness!  – Kim Flannery

This page is the place to follow changes to the app, get support, and leave comments.  We will respond promptly.

The Latest Update – Almost Ready:  The iPhone version of the app is being fixed due to problems created by the latest iOS 8 updates.  If you have updated your phone, the app will look very unimpressive.  Please bear with us as we fix it.  The new version with all fixes and an extra upgrade or two will be ready soon – probably by January 10 or 11.  Check here for updates.

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