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Can you top these?

When I discuss weight loss beliefs with people, it is a real eye-opener to me, because it helps me to understand why confusion develops and why frustration follows.  These are a few of the things I have heard recently:

1.  “My metabolism changes so quickly.  One week I can lose a couple of pounds easily, and the next week I do the same thing and I lose nothing.  I think I have really goofed up my metabolism.”

2.  “I never eat popcorn the day before weighing in at Weight Watchers.  Everyone knows that you should never do that or you will weigh more.”

3.  “Aren’t carrots bad?  I heard that they were really high in sugar.”

4.  “My husband told me that there is nothing good about eating ice cream.  Hah!  He has obviously never eaten ice cream like I have eaten ice cream!”

Kim’s Comments:

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