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Earlobe Creases and Other Signs of Aging

The link between earlobe creases and heart disease surfaced again in the media recently.  A report from the University of Copenhagen study noted significant associations between ear creases, along with several other visible signs of aging, and heart disease.

This is not a new discovery, and I have mentioned it in a previous post.  Some scientists believe simple physical assessments like this could help identify those at higher risk.  Other signs that appear significant are male pattern baldness, deep wrinkles, and fatty deposits on the eyelids.

My Earlobe Crease

Is it cause for alarm if you have a crease in your earlobe?  I hope not, as I have one on my left ear.  Then again, I am in my 50’s, and signs of aging do tend to emerge over time.  Sun damage is usually more evident on the left side of the face too, since most of us spend a significant amount of time driving a car.

Based on the Framingham risk score, I am at low risk, and detailed blood work looks good, so I just keep doing what I’m doing.  It seems to be working.  Besides, I’m not aware of any way to remove ear creases once they are present.  How could removing them (plastic surgery?) help anyway?!

I also remind myself that worry and fear are not good for anyone.  Stress takes a physical toll on the human body.  I believe balance is key:  Be responsible in your self care, but not obsessively so (translation:  Do not over-worry!).  There are many factors that affect heart disease risk, and no one truly has a fail-safe way of predicting who will be affected.

Eat well, move, and manage the stress of everyday life.  Create happiness.  Worry less.  Be present more often.  Ahh . . . that was easy to write, but oh so difficult to accomplish.  We are all a work in progress!

Observations in NYC

Note to self:  Yes, put some effort into looking as good as you can as you age, and by all means stay as healthy as possible, but please, PLEASE do not focus too much on the superficial or cling too desperately to your appearance or even to your life itself.

Hummus and pita at the Creperie on York in NYC

I am in NYC for 2 days, spending a little time with my daughter.  We have had some great talks.  One topic we really examined – making big life changes that always involve giving something up.

If a change is in the interests of greater personal peace and fulfillment, there will be more to gain than to lose, but it is still natural to wish we could cherry pick the past and choose what we save from it. Continue reading