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Don’t end up gaining fat, losing your job, and getting street gunk on you.

What happens when you continually eat dinner in front of the TV, slouched over, watching B movies?

You don’t eat mindfully, which means you are likely to consume more junk in larger quantities . . .

Which means you end up falling asleep in front of the TV as your body magically transforms that junk into pounds and pounds of extra fat and your brain turns to mush from lack of quality programming . . .

And you miss the call from your boss who has a “golden opportunity” for you, but since you missed it, she calls someone else to take on the responsibility . . .

Soon discovering that you are just extra weight (ha!) at work, so you get a pink slip the next day and wander the streets feeling sorry for yourself and not watching where you are going . . .

So a car speeds by, splashing large quantities of street gunk on you . . .

So now  you feel toxic inside and out.

If you don’t want this to happen to you, don’t eat while watching re-runs of Mother, Jugs, and Speed or The Dukes of Hazard.  Get up off your butt, and take a nice meal outside so you can enjoy nourishment from your surroundings as well as your food.  

‘Nuff said!

Ahhh . . . much better!

Life As a Run 3

Push too hard and you will find yourself at the other end of the exertion spectrum – not pushing at all or giving up completely.

This is the result of over-exertion. Do you really want to end up like this?

This is the latest of my wisdom gleaned while running.  The competitive side of me is showing its colors lately, as I get closer to an upcoming local 5K run.  I find myself looking for the edges of my ability, and it has quickly become clear that pushing like a maniac just to see a number on my watch has its sensibility limits if I want to actually FINISH the 5K.

If I force an overly fast pace, I find that I need to slow down significantly to recover, and the average speed is not as fast as when I keep a more moderate – but not entirely tortoise-like! – pace more consistently.  The trick is knowing where that balance is.

What I know for sure is that if a high intensity effort is too high, there is a tendency to even that out by compensating with an equally low level of effort.  In the extreme, this can mean quitting altogether.  Call it the Law of Human Tendencies.  The less the difference between the extremes, the more sustainable the behavior, be it running or eating.

This holds true for almost everyone trying to lose weight.  Try too hard – eat too little, get too little pleasure – and there is usually an equal and opposite binge on what is missed.

Homeostasis is a term used to describe the tendency of human bodies to return to a balanced state.  There are so many regulatory functions of the body with complex balancing acts in constant motion.  Hunger and brain chemistry are no exceptions.  We have some wiggle room for trying to change our balancing point, but pushing too hard is not the answer.  Know yourself and use a little finesse.

Like my running, I believe the key to weight loss lies in putting in effort to a point.  For all of us, there is a point at which the effort is excessive and we get the uncomfortable feeling that the wheels are about to come off the bus – not a good feeling!

I am getting a little better at recognizing the point when I feel panicky about regaining my breathing rhythm while running.  Now I need to practice listening to the signals and steadying the pace.  The trickier point is knowing when to ease up before my knee starts talking to me.  Again, this has to do with over-pushing.

Changing eating habits is at least as tricky.  Your body is giving you clues.  Are you listening?

Some Thoughts on Emotional Eating to Chew On

Two fine examples of chilling out done right

I saw this quote and thought it was insightful . . . and I thought “Hey, this definitely applies to emotional eating.”

Pain is not wrong. Reacting to pain as wrong initiates the trance of unworthiness. The moment we believe something is wrong, our world shrinks and we lose ourselves in the effort to combat the pain.     – Tara Brach

I don’t like pain, emotional or physical.  Do you?  Does anyone?  Still, although it’s not something I wish for, I am beginning to look it in the face more directly these days.  (Yes – beginning to . . . !) Continue reading

Streamlining Choices – Video #3

The spotlight effect is purely accidental (damn stainless steel!).  I am strictly an amateur videographer.  Don’t worry . . . no plans to quit my day job!

Practicing Better Food Choices – Video #2

The videos are here . . . !!

In my last post I wrote about my fear (actually more of a “cringe” than a fear) of making videos of myself (actually watching them more than making them) – Is there such a thing as “self-videophobia??” – even though I have been told how much they help.  So . . . in the spirit of overcoming fear, I made a series of 3 videos on food choices, including some of my favorite tools. . .  Here’s the first.  The other two will follow soon.