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The Best Gratitude Reminder

If you have not yet seen this video about gratitude, I highly recommend it – the best reminder of its type anywhere.  I have watched it multiple times, and it never ceases to send chills.  Settle in, take a deep breath, and let the beauty unfold!  Twenty minutes never felt so relaxing and uplifting.

Have a healthy and happy holiday.

A Feast for the Eyes

I just wanted to share some of the truly beautiful sights from my recent California trip.  It’s funny, but I am so much more able to notice those “gems” when I am away from the daily triggers of mind activity that keep me out of the present moment.  Still, every time I return home, I marvel at how much I usually miss – a good reminder.  The challenge is to keep remembering as everyday life rolls on . . . .

At the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino – Now that my children are grown, I settle for gawking at strangers’ kids!  (Do you see the turtle?)

More of the Huntington – so much to see!

My daughter used to press her little 2-year-old face up to the glass here (at Bristol Farms market). It took her a LONG time to decide.