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Never Underestimate the Value of Maintenance

We all forget to be grateful for what we have.  It’s human nature.  Every so often we get reminders, usually when we lose something and then we appreciate it.  Sometimes it is money or material items.  I recently lost my iPod, and I really appreciate it now that it’s gone!  Even if we have not personally had major health issues, we at least have heard stories of other people who only truly appreciate their health once it is gone.  Time spent complaining about minor aches and pains can be seen as petty in light of such insight.

The same feelings are connected with weight loss.  So much energy is spent working toward an ideal weight, or just a weight that can be tolerated, that many dieters forget to be grateful they are not gaining when the pounds are not falling off quickly enough. Continue reading

Almonds Lower In Calories Than We Thought!

Yes, it seems that almonds have a whopping 32% fewer calories than previously assumed.  A new study reports that our previous method of measurement was not accurate for humans, and the newest measurements make almonds look even better than before.

We already knew that almonds have healthy fats.  Previous studies have also shown almonds to be a good snacking option for keeping hunger under control.  Now it seems that more of them can fit into a healthy eating plan without weight gain.  Bonus!