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Oh no! This is not how it’s supposed to go!!

“That is just NOT how it goes!”

When my daughter Becky was little – say, 2 or 3 – she was already quite precise.  As an adult, she still likes things to be orderly and predictable.  We used to laugh about how she would object to something that was not going according to “Becky Rules”.  “That’s NOT how it goes!” became a family classic line we still occasionally bring out as an affectionate memory.

I heard myself saying this – to myself – a few days ago.  The  circumstances had to do with eating, specifically how much was the “right amount”.  As those of you who follow my running posts know, I have revved up the exercise lately, and of course I am burning more calories.  As a nutrition expert, you would think it would be obvious that I need to eat more, at least some days. Continue reading

Interesting Signs!

A sign like this just might show up in a dressing room near you.

I love treasure hunting for clothes.  I never know what I will find at T.J. Maxx or my favorite resale shop.  On a recent visit to good old T.J.’s, my “find” was a hooded exercise shirt – certainly something a person who works at a gym can use!

I headed to the dressing room, closed the door, and prepared to try it on.  As I looked in the mirror, I had to laugh.  A sign stared back at me – a very clever and sneaky message – “You should get it!”  As I turned to face the door, another one caught my eye – “This would be a great score for you!” Continue reading

Streamlining Choices – Video #3

The spotlight effect is purely accidental (damn stainless steel!).  I am strictly an amateur videographer.  Don’t worry . . . no plans to quit my day job!

Practicing Better Food Choices – Video #2

The videos are here . . . !!

In my last post I wrote about my fear (actually more of a “cringe” than a fear) of making videos of myself (actually watching them more than making them) – Is there such a thing as “self-videophobia??” – even though I have been told how much they help.  So . . . in the spirit of overcoming fear, I made a series of 3 videos on food choices, including some of my favorite tools. . .  Here’s the first.  The other two will follow soon.