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It’s Just a Cake, Kim!

This is what I told myself today – IT’S JUST A CAKE, KIM!

It’s 100 degrees in Milwaukee today, and I decided to bake a cake.  I should have known this was a bad idea, for several reasons, but we have kids in town tonight, and a birthday to celebrate.  The family chocolate cake simply had to be made.

The cake is very delicate and difficult to frost on a cool day.  Today, it was virtually impossible.  The layers crumbled and broke as I removed them from the pans, but I was able to get parts of them aligned.  It looked malformed already as I tried to frost the outside.  What a mistake to even try that!  I should have quit while I still had something that looked like a cake.

Several silent outbursts later – @#$%^&* – I gave up.  I know it will taste good, delicious in fact, but part of me wanted to toss it and tell everyone that I decided not to make it.  Here it is . . . the world’s ugliest cake!  But it really is only a cake. Life is good.   🙂