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Ouch! Friendly Reminders About Balance, or “Johanna made me do it.”

My poor body!  It has tried many times over the last week and a half to gently remind me, with subtle yet increasing muscle tenderness and joint aches, that I am pushing too hard.  You see, I have been testing my physical limits lately:  “Let’s just see what I can do if I give it a push.”

In my much younger years, I enjoyed “playing” at gymnastics tricks, and later regretted never pursuing it more seriously.  (Now I see the wisdom of that decision as I hear stories from people who competed and are now faced with lingering issues from past injuries.)

Then I saw this video, and I thought “If she can do that at 86, . . . ”

So . . . a week ago, I took a private gymnastics lesson and did many assisted “tricks” that left me feeling a little impressed with what I  could do, and very aware of my less limber back and legs.

Feeling inspired, over the course of the next week, I took a vigorous, long, and hilly bike ride with my husband and a longer than usual run.  That left me feeling a little more impressed and a lot sorer.  Then I did a strength training class that was much harder than what I usually do.  Again, I was a little more impressed with myself yet very aware of the physical toll on my body.

But, was I aware enough to rest after any of these challenges?  NOOOO!  I was a little bit “high” from the accomplishments and a little too stupid to stop.

My muscles finally ached so much that I got the message my body had been trying to send for a while.  I went to a therapeutic yoga class during which we never got up from a seated position.  It was forced relaxation and stretching for me, and it was just what I needed.

Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to get moving toward more challenging activities, but it is also possible that a reminder to rest is more important at the moment.  I found myself re-visiting my overall fitness and health goals:  TO FEEL HEALTHY AND HAVE NO PAIN.  It’s good to remember that JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD!  Balance is best.