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Hopeful Thinking: What a Great Strategy for Healthier Eating!

A recent e-mail from a client sounded like a series of apologies:  She has been struggling to get back on track with her eating.

“I didn’t . . . , I wasn’t able to keep my commitment to . . . , I have really struggled . . . “

Then I got to the last sentence, and thought, “YES!  That’s great!”  A simple word makes such a difference.  That word is “yet.”

“I keep saying I will eat right tomorrow, but that tomorrow has not come . . . yet.”

Brilliant word!  “Yet” is filled with hope and promise.  It leaves the door open to improvement.  That makes a world of difference.

The Magic Bullet is HERE!! (on second thought . . . )

I had a weak moment this morning.  I confess that for an instant I considered spending a good chunk of change (more like wad of dollars!) on a beauty “miracle”.  I got an e-mail ad from a skin care company, and they made some very enticing claims.  They promised to minimize my pores, tighten and de-wrinkle my skin, add a youthful glow . . . and on and on. Continue reading