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Life as a Ride

My lesson learned:  Momentum makes the uphill climbs easier.

I have started cycling with my husband on Sundays.  Lest you think this is a stroll (glide?) in the park, I should clarify.  He rides thousands of miles a year, mostly in the summer – it is Wisconsin, after all! – and an easy ride for him is 25-30 miles.

It is a challenge keeping up with him, but I do OK.  What I am learning is that I have to capitalize on my limited advantage – I am lighter than him.  This allows me to go up hills faster if I keep consistent momentum going. Continue reading

I love this! These ideas apply to creativity in general, which is a great tool for making lifestyle improvements – and generally creating more happiness.

Doodle Dad

very helpful video on how to become more creative. Got to put these points to action more.

Stay Creative! Cheers

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A Half-Assed Plan for Saner Eating

Keep trying. It gets easier.

Why would anyone want a half-assed plan for anything?  Shouldn’t we be aiming for quality, be the best we can be?

Sounds good, and certainly would be the goal you would want a neurosurgeon to have if he were operating on your brain, but what about goals for healthy eating habits?  I would argue that people who tend toward perfectionism actually eat better when they don’t take it so seriously. Continue reading