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We make keys – that work!

I saw this sign on a hardware store window today.  I was driving to a presentation, or I would have taken a picture.  It made me laugh at first, and then it reminded me of something that was shared in one of my groups recently.

Let’s get rid of magical thinking!

It was about magic.  Some people think weight loss happens magically.  One day the scale is up, the next it’s down, and the wavering seems to have nothing to do with their effort.  That’s wonderful when 4 or 5 pounds just disappear, as if the Weight Loss Fairy made a sweep with her magic wand, and POOF! . . . the scale goes down so effortlessly.

Unfortunately the magic giveth and the magic taketh away.  The same can – and does – happen in reverse.  How aggravating when you follow all the rules and the scale goes UP! Continue reading