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Just for Luck . . .

I’m now getting ready to start development of an Android version of my phone app, In the Moment – Mindful Eating, which is already available for iPhone in the App Store.  It never hurts to carry a good luck charm around with me . . .


A Preview of My New iPhone App

It’s called In the Moment – Mindful Eating, and it’s available at the App Store.  Here’s a preview:

I apologize for my poor filming skills!  If you would like a clearer view of the examples above, just go to the App Store.  I am grateful for your feedback.

My iPhone App is In the App Store – Please Try It!

inTheMomentLogosFullColorI am happy to report that my 1-1/2 year journey to make my dream a reality has finally resulted in a phone app for iPhone that can be downloaded from the app store.  If you like my general approach – very human and forgiving, and very REAL – I think you will enjoy giving the app a whirl.  The name of the app is “In The Moment – Mindful Eating.

The final product accomplishes what I had hoped it would, and now I am ready to ask the really important question . . .  the question that matters most to me . . .


I would be so grateful for your feedback.  You can rate the app, but I also encourage you to comment here with suggestions to make it better.  It will cost you $1.99 – worth every penny!

Dinner with Wilson

Tom Hanks’ buddy from the movie Castaway

Peter is out of town, so I am dining alone tonight.  Walking into a dark house with a sleeping deaf dog – love you LOTS, Stella, but you are not the most engaging dinner companion – I contemplated the options for dinner.  Cereal in front of the TV?  Hummus and rice cakes in front of the computer?  Screw it – an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce? Continue reading