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I Am An Addict

Hi, I’m Kim and I am an addict.

My substance of choice?  The constant chatter of my own thoughts.

This may not seem like much of a problem.  After all, thinking is intellectual, right?  Thinking is creative, right?

True, and true again, but like many addictions, a moderate amount can be good, or at least OK (for example, food or alcohol), but too much is a problem.  While there is a positive side to my active mind – I get good ideas from time to time – I am beginning to realize how unproductive chatter seems to continue almost nonstop.  While it does not really get in the way of my daily life and I function at a high level, there is a price to pay in terms of optimum contentment and the effects of stress on the body.

I only recently began to see this as a problem.  Yes, there have always been annoying times when thoughts have kept me up at night and I can’t seem to shut them off, or a song would stick in my head.  A little bit of neck and shoulder tension does tend to creep up on me too, but that’s normal stress, right?

Yes, all of this is what we label “normal” for human beings, but I have become less and less tolerant of mere “normal” standards for my happiness and contentment lately, ironically as I find more and more of both.  A recent trip gave me more of a slap than a gentle nudge in the right direction . . . Continue reading

More goodies – more happiness?

I have a relatively new “rule” for new clothing purchases.  Whatever I am eying has to be something I truly need or something that I like better than something I already have, . . . AND then I have to give the inferior item away.  This keeps me from needing to rent extra closet space at a warehouse somewhere(!), and it also helps me sleep better at night. Continue reading

So tell me . . . Are you feelin’ lucky??

Allen Stone and his band

I was riding home on the train yesterday, after a day trip to Chicago to see my son play with Allen Stone and his band at the Manifest Urban Arts Festival.  I was feeling lucky all day.  Grateful really.  It completely fills my tank to see my kids happy and doing what they love.

AND it’s like the hummus on my rice cakes (or cherry on an ice cream sundae?) to feel so welcome in their world.  Brent’s world happens to be a fast-paced existence on the road, playing bass with a very talented young soul singer from Seattle. Continue reading