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This looks like a great healthy snack – high protein and fiber.  I’m going to give it a try.


Happy Tuesday night y’all.  I feel like it should be Thursday; at the very least Thursday.  It’s been a good, yet very busy week thus far and I needed a snack.

I try to avoid snacking.  That doesn’t mean I don’t do it, because I totally do.  The quality of these aforementioned snacks varies from fruit to hummus to rice cakes…maybe some ice cream every now and again…  Let’s just say I try my very bestest to keep snacking both healthy and to a minimum.  Blah blah blah – am I blabbing on and on enough yet?

Today I needed a snack like woah.  The dilemma was that I just didn’t know what to have and I was sick of the usual suspects.  My mom recently mentioned baked chickpeas…DONE!

Not Quite Spicy Enough Baked Chickpeas

by healthygirlandthecity

Serves 2-3 depending on how hungry the snacker!

  • 1/2 tbsp olive…

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So . . . IS a calorie a calorie or not?

Let’s take a look at the latest published study regarding the effects of 3 different eating plans on maintenance of weight loss.

Study Details

Twenty one overweight and obese, but otherwise healthy, adults first went through a weight loss phase, all of them losing 10-15% of their initial weight.  This was followed by a 4 week standard maintenance plan, the same for all participants.

The study then had each individual follow three different diets for one month each (in random order), with followup to keep calorie levels appropriate for maintenance.

Researchers found that those on a low carb plan (10% carb, 60% fat, 30% protein) maintained weight  eating more calories than those on a low glycemic index diet (40% carb, 40% fat, 20% protein) or a low fat diet (60% carb, 20% fat, 20% protein).  The difference was statistically significant, with about a 300 calorie difference in total calories burned between the very low carb diet and the low fat diet.  The low glycemic index diet resulted in maintenance metabolism values between the other two.

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