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Reason #1001 Why My Husband Is So Smart


Without the proper rest, we could end up like this – “dog tired” (and very sad-looking).

I married a very, very smart man.  Why?  He listens to me.

Peter loves to ride his road bike, and he likes to go on long rides, long enough to be “completely worn out.”  He knows that going out 2 days in a row will just be too much, yet he has such a hard time resisting the urge to ride when the weather is nice.

After a brutal Wisconsin winter, recent glimpses of spring weather have provided quite a challenge for him, to lay low on alternating days and swim instead.  One such day came along last week – sunny, 70-ish, perfect riding weather – and he told me “I might not be able to resist.”

I put in my 2-cents worth.  It went something like this:  “You have a right to do that.”  (In my head I was saying, “You have a right to make an unsupportive choice.”)

I knew he could tell what I was thinking.  When I returned home in the middle of the day, I found this note on the counter:

Kim – Went to the club to swim.  Listened to my body.

As I said, he is a smart man.

How well do you listen to  your body.  There are many opportunities to make unsupportive choices, even though we know we won’t feel well later.  Being more mindful – without judgment – of what the body really needs can be a doorway to a healthier lifestyle, but only when we realize that we are not “wrong” no matter what we choose.  In other words, we need to know we have a choice.

Ouch! Friendly Reminders About Balance, or “Johanna made me do it.”

My poor body!  It has tried many times over the last week and a half to gently remind me, with subtle yet increasing muscle tenderness and joint aches, that I am pushing too hard.  You see, I have been testing my physical limits lately:  “Let’s just see what I can do if I give it a push.”

In my much younger years, I enjoyed “playing” at gymnastics tricks, and later regretted never pursuing it more seriously.  (Now I see the wisdom of that decision as I hear stories from people who competed and are now faced with lingering issues from past injuries.)

Then I saw this video, and I thought “If she can do that at 86, . . . ”

So . . . a week ago, I took a private gymnastics lesson and did many assisted “tricks” that left me feeling a little impressed with what I  could do, and very aware of my less limber back and legs.

Feeling inspired, over the course of the next week, I took a vigorous, long, and hilly bike ride with my husband and a longer than usual run.  That left me feeling a little more impressed and a lot sorer.  Then I did a strength training class that was much harder than what I usually do.  Again, I was a little more impressed with myself yet very aware of the physical toll on my body.

But, was I aware enough to rest after any of these challenges?  NOOOO!  I was a little bit “high” from the accomplishments and a little too stupid to stop.

My muscles finally ached so much that I got the message my body had been trying to send for a while.  I went to a therapeutic yoga class during which we never got up from a seated position.  It was forced relaxation and stretching for me, and it was just what I needed.

Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to get moving toward more challenging activities, but it is also possible that a reminder to rest is more important at the moment.  I found myself re-visiting my overall fitness and health goals:  TO FEEL HEALTHY AND HAVE NO PAIN.  It’s good to remember that JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD!  Balance is best.