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Tomatoes and Cucumbers to Spare (and Share)

My husband Peter just came in from the garden with yet another day’s bounty of tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden.  “Thanks, honey.  We certainly need more of those!” I say as he adds them to the pile already taking up half our kitchen counter space.

Then I remembered that someone shared a recipe with one of my groups this week – one that is perfect for shrinking down the pile a bit.  Not really a recipe actually . . .

Just slice up some cucumber, chop some bell pepper and purple onion, and halve several cherry or grape tomatoes.  Put them in a bowl, add a drained can of garbanzo beans, and pour a little balsamic vinaigrette over the top.  Mix.  Done!

It’s pretty too.

For All Of You Cute Little Tomatoes (and the bigger ones too)

Narrow standards of beauty are so limiting.  I rarely meet a woman who loves how she looks, and when I do – again, RARELY – it is unpredictable.  She is as likely to weigh 225 as 125.  On the flip side, the level of suffering with body image has nothing to with size either, at least not from my observations.

I like to remind people that they can choose a lifestyle, not a body type, and often not a specific size either.  A healthier lifestyle will cause almost everyone to lose weight and look better if weight loss makes them healthier.  Aiming for a size, or a weight, or a look, is a futile struggle if the methods needed to get there are torturous and temporary.

Nature is diverse.  Check out these two lovely tomatoes I just picked from our garden.

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