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Think you are destined to live out a set genetic destiny? Think again.

I am a big believer in the power of our thoughts – and the actions they create – to either make us healthier or sicker.  The environment is constantly acting on our genes to create our health status, and part of that environment is the quality of your thoughts.  Are your thoughts defeatist or hopeful in nature?  Are they leading you in the direction of a healthier lifestyle, or are they convincing you it’s not possible?

If you would like to be healthier  – who wouldn’t? – I think you will find that Deepak Chopra knows a thing or two about this.  His recent blog post is very encouraging, and much to my liking, also based on solid research about the human body.

Another “Off” Message

They did it again!  Lucky Magazine, that is.  It shouldn’t have caught me off guard – I noticed a similar ad last time I picked one up – but sitting under the dryer at the salon this morning, I did not expect it.

My accessories are the only things that fit.  Fill the void.

My thoughts about this one are the same as last time, when the message was even bolder . . . check it out.  Apparently this is a regular theme now (“Fill the void”).  I don’t wonder why.  It certainly caught my attention.