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Body Image Tips from Dogs

It’s OK to have wrinkles.  They add character.

Short legs are just fine, even if they don’t go with the rest of you.

Big ears?  No problem.

There is no such thing as a “bad hair day.”

You look cool in anything, you trendsetter!  

Why do we have such narrow definitions of attractiveness for ourselves?  While there is some variety in what we consider attractive, it is so limited when you consider what we think of dogs’ looks.

Can’t we cut ourselves at least a little more slack?  If you inherited short legs (I did), they will always be short, so focusing on more significant assets is going to offer more possibilities for growth (haha – very bad joke!).

Weight, which is such a negative focus for so many people, can often be improved for better health, but having a poor body image will not really help to speed the process along – really!  The opposite is more likely.

In summary, there is no such thing as ugly, since if you are ugly enough, you are really cute and you win a prize.  

(Note:  I wish I could claim credit for these pictures, but they were from Google Search.)